DFA Solutions have partnered with industry leaders and built an

in-house, protective layer of protection, providing a robust and supportive security solution for their customers infrastructure. With real-time automatic alerts and real-time monitoring of the Dark Web.


Plugs Unaddressed security gaps

More than 4.5 BILLION web pages on the internet

The entire internet "as a whole" is 400 to 500 times larger.

The "Dark Web" offers approximately 75 Petabytes of data.

Studies have shown that 75% of Dark Web sites offer illicit materials 

dfaProtect will protect you from outside threats and help you with putting in place internal policies to avoid credential attacks.  We offer powerful and affordable insider threat detection along with our cyber security and breach awareness training for your employees.

The disgruntled employee

There have been some instances whereby a current employee of an organisation, disagreed with certain internal changes.  Prior to resigning from the company the disgruntled employee chose to use their authoritive rights to gain access and downloaded the clients database of information.  

The Ex-Employees

Former employees much like the disgruntled employee, may very well be an internal threat to your organisation.  Especially if they were previous IT employees.  They may have access to user accounts that will have access to important information.  

Ignorant or Careless Employee

Ignorance is bliss but unless educated, they very seldom worry about the security aspect of doing their work.  Not following proper internal procedures such as two-step authentication, can be a serious risk and should not be taken lightly. 

Credential Attacks

More and more remote employees are needing to log in to RDP accounts, (Remote Desktop Protocol), to access systems when working from home.  The selling of RDP credential on the dark web is regular and in some cases can be ellevated to admin account access if the price is right.  

Prevent credential attacks!


High Value Cybersecurity


Once deployed, our security solution scans a network, detects security threats, and alerts various stakeholders.  Our system provides a “double check” to ensure that the anti-virus and patching is working and to discover network misconfigurations.  

On premise- Scanning Engine


Scans user, asset, and configuration data that monitoring systems don’t. Discovers threats that anti-virus/anti-spyware/firewalls don’t.

It’s always "on patrol" scanning the network at pre-set scheduled times.

Microsoft Cloud Assessments


With the rapid proliferation of the Microsoft Cloud – which includes the popular Azure infrastructure and Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) suite of applications and services,– most organizations are operating in some kind of “hybrid” cloud/on-prem environment, and many others have moved completely to the Cloud.

The Microsoft Cloud assessment sheds light on the Microsoft Cloud with a wide range of reports on BOTH the Azure infrastructure AND the core Microsoft 365 services running on it.

Smart TAGS


Adds world knowledge that systems without this meta-information could never get.

Gets "smarter" as you tag more items. "Learns" over time the customer’s environment. Make information connections to discover issues that robotic systems like RMMs can’t.

Daily Alerts


Timely (daily) emails that contain a list of Anomalies, Changes, and Threats prioritized by Severity. Alerts include interactive hyperlinks to start the actions to "remediate" "investigate" or "ignore" the alert.

Plugs Unaddressed Security Gaps


By definition, cloud-based solutions are always exposed to outside attackers and continual vigilance is needed to ensure misconfigurations don’t lead to security incidents.


The Microsoft Cloud Assessment Module taps into Microsoft’s own security scoring system to expose areas of highest risks and vulnerability, to help improve overall network security. It also includes comparative security benchmarks, measured against similar sized organizations, to help evaluate their own performance.

Saves Technicians countless hours


Unlike using Microsoft’s own Admin Tools – which rely on a web interface and requires manual drilling up and down through complex entities and relationships to figure out what’s going on, our solution saves technicians countless hours by automatically gathering all information about the Azure AD and Microsoft 365 environment that Microsoft exposes, and converts it into meaningful reports.

Dark WEB


DFA Solutions, in partnership with a leader in Dark Web monitoring, have put together a dark web monitoring platform that offers a service that provides the most validated credential exposure data available, to date.