Our partnership with industry accredited Security vendors is the cornerstone of our business strategy and DFA continues to invest significant resources in growing our skills to support the primary solutions offered by these vendors.

Security Specialists



Through our consulting engagements we have acquired in depth practical skill in the configuration and setup of the relevant product solutions and we are well equipped to engage with organizations at all levels to address security issues and implement the related best practices. This strategy has resulted in DFA being the go-to Security Partner for solutions as we are product agnostic and solution driven.

WAN / LAN design



Our technical team is well qualified in the design and configuration of LAN and WAN networks having managed complex environments for listed entities over many years, where diverse and in some cases incompatible, technologies were deployed.

All IT Related Equipment



Using our “Managed Services Solution” capability, we are easily able to identify and track hardware assets across any network which includes any asset with an IP address. Through direct access to Manufacturer service websites, we are able to determine the warranty status of these assets and provide a comprehensive report that will facilitate effective asset management and tracking in the organization and support proactive decision making.

Software licensing, administration and procurement


DFA Solutions will assist organizations with administration and procurement of software licensing and software assets. Our “Managed Services” solution is capable of tracking all software installed within the controlled environment and allows us to support the organization by ensuring that software licenses are identified, recorded and the appropriate renewal strategies are followed. As a Microsoft partner, we have a thorough understanding of the Microsoft licensing configurations and coupled with our strong relationships with Microsoft, we are in an ideal position to advise clients correctly and ensure that the optimal buying decisions are made taking the compliance factor into account.

Finance Rental Options



DFA Solutions is able to facilitate hardware and software rental agreements for approved clients.