DFA Solutions provide an email security gateway solution for either HYBRID, ON-PREMISE or CLOUD that is cost-effective, enterprise-grade and end-to-end.  DFA Solutions offer a complete end-to-end email security solution.

Email security is Key to protecting

your business 

The disgruntled employee

There have been some instances whereby a current employee of an organisation, disagreed with certain internal changes.  Prior to resigning from the company the disgruntled employee chose to use their authoritive rights to gain access and downloaded the clients database of information.  

The Ex-Employees

Former employees much like the disgruntled employee, may very well be an internal threat to your organisation.  Especially if they were previous IT employees.  They may have access to user accounts that will have access to important information.  

Ignorant or Careless Employee

Ignorance is bliss but unless educated, they very seldom worry about the security aspect of doing their work.  Not following proper internal procedures such as two-step authentication, can be a serious risk and should not be taken lightly. 

Credential Attacks

More and more remote employees are needing to log in to RDP accounts, (Remote Desktop Protocol), to access systems when working from home.  The selling of RDP credential on the dark web is regular and in some cases can be ellevated to admin account access if the price is right.  

Prevent credential attacks!




  • Quick and Efficient Setup
  • Sandboxing that blocks zero-day threats
  • Multiple Integration G Suite, Zimbra, Microsoft 365 and many more
  • AI and Machine Learning benefits
  • Adaptive trust engines
  • Email Continuity
  • Time of Click Protection
  • High Availability




  • Subject-Line Based Encryption
  • Content Detection Encryption
  • Integrated DLP Policies
  • Revoke Capabilities
  • Independent of any Device 
  • Free of Additional Software Requirements



  • Zero-Impact on Business Email
  • Spam Malware and compromise attack prevention
  • Preventative intelligence email and document scans  
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Email Remediation
  • Data-Loss Prevention controls
  • Mobile management and quarantine on the go.

Over 90% of email traffic has spam, Phishing, malware and other electronic threats



Email is the primary vector for delivering malware and ransomeware


Average cost to a business due to a cyberattack

Do our Email Security Test


This test is an email pen test.  It will test your email server to see if it is correctly configured to stop these common threats.  Your security product should block, disarm or disinfect all samples sent to you.  This test can be carried out regardless of the product you are currently running.

Q.  Why Should I take this test?

A.  So you can discover where the holes and gaps are in your defences. Once you know where they are you can do something about it.

Q.  What is going to happen when I do the test?

A.  When you click on the Take the test button you simply add your email address and details to the tool. The test will send you 16 of the most common email threats that should be picked up by any credible email security solution. All threats have been disarmed and are safe to receive but will behave as if they are malicious.

Q.  What will the impact be on my network and resources?

A.  The Test is non-intrusive and private, no client integration or installation is required. It's completely safe and will not disrupt operations. Minimal details are required to begin the test, so low impact on resources. The test is free and there's no obligation to buy anything.

Q.  What will the test show me?

A.  You'll be emailed with a detailed report of what's been discovered. If a threat is present it will tell you how it should be stopped. If a threat has been correctly identified you will be informed that your existing email security solution is working ok.

What threats will our test be running against, in your current email security solution?

  1. Email Spoofing
  2. HTML analysis
  3. Executable File
  4. Virus Attachment
  5. Outlook Conditional Comment
  6. Malware URI
  7. Zero Width Spaces link
  8. Base HTML Tag link
  9. HTML JS Redirect Attachment
  10. RFC-Abused HTML Attachment
  11. Active PDF
  12. PDF with malicious text link
  13. PDF with malicious link
  14. ZIP Archive with JS
  15. MS Word Document with external contents
  16. Business Email Compromise
  17. MS Excel Document with formula macro function


To book an email security test,

send us your details and we will contact you to set one up.