Managed Services

Our Managed and Hosted services offering is backed by a robust monitoring solution that has been tailored to provide comprehensive and detailed support of an organization’s IT infrastructure environment. The service incorporates various components that include:

Continuous Monitoring - A 365 x 24 x7 continuous monitoring & support model enabled by our Hosted Managed Services Solution (N-Central) that ensures a proactive approach to service management as opposed to a “break-fix” mindset. Monitoring of all critical network components such as predefined selected workstations, servers, applications, websites, network services, network devices (i.e. firewalls and routers) and utilizing industry based standards and protocols (WMI, SNMP, Syslog, NetBios, ICMP, XML, etc) which are used widely within a typical network environment.

IT Asset Management - The solution facilitates full IT asset management which includes: Detailed network audits Compilation of comprehensive hardware asset inventories Identification of sub-standard hardware configurations Access to warranty information of newly acquired hardware A Detailed inventory of the software, Windows patch history, and services on each computer

Security Assurance - DFA Solutions manage environment security by providing baseline security scans using Microsoft’s Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA) and other relevant industry standard technology toolsets. There is continuous monitoring for viruses, worms, spam and malware.

Data Backups and Data Management – Our service ensures that backups are done in accordance with recommended international best practice and in consideration of the specific business risks faced by the specific client. Our processes incorporate the cross checks required (test restores) to ensure that backup and recovery procedures are practical, effective and able to be implemented at short notice.

Patch Management - DFA Solutions utilizes Microsoft’s Windows Services Update Server (WSUS) and other relevant industry standard technology toolsets which are integrated with our monitoring tools to provide reliable patching capabilities on servers and workstations that proactively identify and defend against network threats and outdated software versions. The WSUS enabled Patch Management functionality offers a simplified view and provides automatic patch scanning, identity and deployment.

Preventative Maintenance – Proactive issue resolution and deep, remote visibility into the health and performance of IT assets allows DFA to diagnose problems more quickly and therefore ensure faster resolution

Reporting - Predefined reports are available automatically in the Service Centre where the client IT information is collated. Current Status reports take a snapshot of the current status of devices or Sites, and time-selectable reports present information based on the time period that we can select. These reports leverage the power of SQL reporting services.

Service Desk The DFA Solutions service offering is supported by a leading Service Desk solution which is configured to support internationally accepted governance and compliance standards