Kaspersky Lab


Kaspersky Lab is one of the world’s largest privately owned cybersecurity companies. They operate in 200 countries and territories and have 35 offices in 31 countries. Over 3,900 highly-qualified specialists work for Kaspersky Lab. They are a global company, with a global vision and a focus on international markets. Their global unaudited IFRS revenue for 2017 totaled USD 698 million.

Kaspersky Lab's independence allows them to be more agile; to think differently and act faster. They are forever innovating, delivering protection that’s effective, usable and accessible. They pride themselves on developing world-leading security that keeps every one of their 400 million users, and 270,000 corporate clients, protected.

Firmly positioned as one of the top four leading endpoint security vendors, Kaspersky Lab continues to improve their market position. Kaspersky Lab has been recognized for its customer satisfaction ratings, receiving the Platinum Award as part of the 2017 Gartner Peer Insights Customer Choice Awards for Endpoint Protection Platforms.

- Eugene Kaspersky, CEO -

“We believe that everyone – from home computer users through to large corporations and governments – should be able to protect what matters to them most. Whether it’s privacy, family, finances, customers, business success or critical infrastructure, we've made it our mission to secure it all. We succeed in this by delivering security expertise, working closely with international organizations and law enforcement agencies to fight cybercriminals, as well as developing technologies, solutions and services that help you stay safe from all the cyberthreats out there.”


Kaspersky Lab understands the global cyberthreat landscape and their experts possess immense knowledge and experience in detecting and neutralizing all forms of malicious programs, regardless of their origin or purpose. The wealth of expertise they have gained over years of combating major IT threats is their most valuable asset.
Their Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT) is an elite group of 40+ security experts who operate all over the world and provide leading anti-threat intelligence and research. The team is well-known for the discovery and dissection of some of the world’s most sophisticated threats, including cyber-espionage and cybersabotage threats.


The cornerstone of the Kaspersky Lab business strategy is to transform their leading security intelligence into real protection for their clients, to address current and emerging cyberthreats. Their portfolio encompasses solutions to suit a wide range of customers. Kaspersky Lab protects consumers, small companies, medium-sized businesses and enterprises from different types of threats and provide them with convenient tools to control and manage their security. They offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and services that spans securing every node in the corporate network, including mobile and portable devices, to protecting data centers and industrial environments as a whole.

As a technology-driven company Kaspersky Lab invests heavily in R&D to support the innovative ideas they believe in. That is why about one third of the company’s employees are R&D specialists developing and maintaining all of Kaspersky Lab solutions in-house, which is key to providing a holistic approach to security.